Etekcity S9 Layout-Smart Class II Laser Distance Measurer, Bubble Level, 130-Feet (Green) (Certified Refurbished) [並行輸入品]
アルバム名Etekcity S9 Layout-Smart Class II Laser Distance Measurer, Bubble Level, 130-Feet (Green) (Certified Refurbished) [並行輸入品]


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Powerful backlit LCD display included; Note:It may result "Measure Error" when background brightness is too high,which may always happen using outdoors; 90-Day Warranty. Versatile Applications
Whether used for interior design, construction, real estate, landscaping, or sport, the EtekcityR S9 is engineered to meet your measuring needs with five calculation functions: Area, Height (Pythagorean Theorem), Volume, Area Summation, and Addition/Subtraction. Available units of measure include meters, feet and inches to ensure you're getting the numbers you need.

Additional Features:

1. Measurement reference point extension: it would be handy to use when measuring from corners or edges.

2. Built-in vertical and horizontal levels: a basic feature that is useful to have on tools, a lot of the time you need to check to make sure things are level or straight, and the levels help this and also help to make sure they are measuring straight.

Measuring Range: 0.328ft ~ 130ft (0.1m ~ 40m)
Measuring Accuracy: ±1/16-in (1.5mm)
Laser Type: Class II / <1mW / 630-670nm
Measurement Units: m / in. / ft.
Data Storage: 20 measurments
Auto Laser: 30 sec.
Protection: IP54 enclosure/Dust Proof
Battery: 2 x AAA DC 1.5V batteries
Battery Life: up to 5000 measurements
Weight (with batteries): 0.25 lb. (113.4g)
Dimensions: 4.52" x 2.04" x 1.28"

Max/Min: OK
Continuous Beam: OK
Addition/Subtraction: OK
Area/Volume Measurement: OK
Pythagorean Function: OK
Beep Indication: OK
Backlight Display: OK

Package Contents
1 x EtekcityR S9 Laser Distance Meter
1 x User Manual
2 x AAA batteries
1 x Pouch




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